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VBAC = Very Brave And Courageous

“Not because it’s risky to give birth, but because it takes courage to stand up for yourself and your baby in the face of profound opposition.”

-Lynn Baptisti Richards

VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) Classes

These VBAC classes are part of a 3-class series and are offered privately for people who have had a previous cesarean birth and their partners. People without partners are welcome to come alone or with a friend/family member.

The classes are specifically created with your individual needs in mind, based on your past birth experiences and on what topics you would like me to focus.

Classes are held at mutually agreed upon times and for the time being, are being taught virtually. Cost = $450 for the series.

Supporting your Choices

• making a birth plan
• advocating for yourself and knowing your options
• medications, interventions and alternatives
• why would we want to consider having a birth doula?
• questions to ask your providers
• how will we know when it’s time to go to the hospital/birth center?
• gentle cesareans – is that possible?
• pushing positions
• breastfeeding
• the challenges and joys of the first year with your baby – “woohoo we’re parents – now what?!”

Supporting You Physically and Emotionally

• fears and faith surrounding pregnancy, labor and birth
• learning about ways that a partner can be more involved
• understanding the importance of prenatal nutrition, exercise & guided relaxation
• the stages of labor both emotionally and physically
• pain coping techniques for labor

About Brooklyn