About Brooklyn

As a birth doula I offer continuous support throughout your pregnancy and birth, which can start as early as the 1st trimester.  This support includes:

* unlimited phone calls, emails, texts
* pregnancy and postpartum resources
* tools to work with as you prepare your mind and body for birth
* labor positions and pain coping techniques
* practical suggestions of ways your partner can support you
* questions to ask your provider
* 2-3 hour virtual or in-person visit where I learn what your hopes and fears are surrounding your birth, which helps me to be a more supportive doula!
* being on-call for you 24/7 once you are term (37 1/2 weeks)

*joining you whenever you are ready for extra support and staying with you throughout your labor & until you give birth

*staying for a few hours after birth to process feelings around the labor/birth journey, help initiate breastfeeding (if you wish), and take pictures of your new family

*visiting you 1-3 weeks postpartum, (depending on your needs), for a short visit, to see how things are going, answer questions, talk about the birth and transition to parenthood and to bring you and your family a home cooked meal!

Birth Doula Services

Virtual support ($1000)

In-person support ($1800)

About Brooklyn