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Doula: A comforting presence during pregnancy, delivery

I was honored to be featured in an article for Lohoud.com, written by Mary Lynn Mitcham Strom

From the article… “What she does: Picture your therapist, your masseuse, your mom and your best friend all rolled up into one woman whose solitary mission is to help you through your pregnancy and delivery, and you have a birth doula. “The idea that we have in our heads is that women are only going through things emotionally, physically, psychologically after the pregnancy,” says Katherine Anderson, a Hudson Valley Birth Network doula based in Dobbs Ferry. “But my job is seeing where the pregnant woman is at”.  Read full article here…


The Doula and the Partner:

How they work together to help the birthing woman by Penny Simkin, P.T.

From the article… “When a doula discusses her role with women or couples, she may feel a little uneasy when asked exactly what she has to offer. She may find it difficult to give an answer that reflects her usefulness without seeming that she is bragging. The most common question regarding doula care for birthing couples: what about the woman’s husband/partner/loved one?”  Read full article here…


The Last Days of Pregnancy: A Place of In-Between !

Written by Jana Studelska and found in Family , Midwifery , Motherhood , Pregnancy and Birth !

From the article… “The last days of pregnancy— sometimes stretching to agonizing weeks—are a distinct place, time, event, stage. It is a time of in between. Neither here nor there. Your old self and your new self, balanced on the edge of a pregnancy. One foot in your old world, one foot in a new world.  Download full article here… The Last Days of Pregnancy

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