Red Tent Gatherings…

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  • Do you have a story to tell about giving birth?
  • Was it difficult, amazing, traumatizing, disappointing, empowering, transforming?
  • Are you pregnant and feeling overwhelmed or nervous about your upcoming birth?
  • Are you still in the process of working through your birth?
  • Are there things you would do differently in your next birth?
  • Did your birth help you to grow as a person?
  • Do you enjoy listening to birth stories?

If so, consider attending a Red Tent gathering.

Women sharing the experience of birth…

A Red Tent is a circle of women, 10-15 people, who are willing to think deeply about the experience of giving birth, share a bit about how that experience has affected our lives and listen to one another, without giving feedback or advice.

These events can be a powerful way of processing a difficult birth, thinking about how giving birth affects our whole selves, sharing a triumphant birth story, and holding all these stories together in an intimate setting.

Our Next Red Tent Gathering

We are planning another gathering in the summer of 2015 please contact me for more details.

group for pregnant women

A Quote by Suzanne Arms

“Childbirth is an experience in a woman’s life

that holds the power to transform her forever.

Passing through these powerful gates

– in her own way –

remembering all the generations of women

who walk with her…..she is never alone.”